Stop Blaming Corinne’s Promiscuity for What Happened to Her

I need to set a few things straight regarding this “Bachelor in Paradise, did he or didn’t he”, scandal.

If you watched The Bachelor Season 21 you know Corinne Olympios. If you don’t know who she is here is a quick summary:

So there ya go ladies and gents, Corinne.

Anyway, for those who don’t watch The Bachelor or any of its affiliates (The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise), here’s a synopsis of every season of Bachelor in Paradise:

They send a bunch of past Bachelor/Bachelorette contestants to an exotic, sexually charged location, toss them all a pool together, and watch the madness unfold. It’s great, most of Bachelor nation thoroughly enjoys it and was completely devastated to learn it had been suspended.

This season of The Bachelorette starring (bae) Rachel Lindsay, starred contestant Demario Jackson. Long story short, Rachel kicked him off the show because low and behold – ya boy had a girlfriend.

So off he went into the sunset and we never heard from him again, until the BIP scandal news dropped a couple weeks ago.

The story that is circling around now is that the BIP producers and film crew saw an inappropriate situation unfolding between Corinne and Demario. The gist of it is that Corinne, who loves her some champs, was in the pool hooking up with Demario. Okay, no problem! That’s. The. Show.

According to producers, the hookup went from “great for TV” to highly inappropriate and completely terrible. The story is that Corinne was so inebriated she could not even keep herself afloat in the pool. She was slurring her words, her eyes were rolling into the back of her head, the whole nine, she was completely intoxicated. The producers were aware of her state of mind (or lack thereof) and also saw Demario continue to touch her inappropriately and continue to try to/have sex with her while she was pretty much sleeping in the pool. Producers have come out and said, “there was no way she was able to consent”.

My issue is not whether or not this is truly what happened, I was not there, I don’t know. There are surely two sides to every story, and that’s for the crew behind BIP to figure out.

My problem is that I keep reading/hearing the same things about the “type of woman” Corinne Olympios is.

“that’s what happens when you act like that type of woman”.

What type of woman?

I did not know there was a “type of woman” whose sexual behavior makes it excusable for a male to take advantage of her while she is blacked out. Whether or not what happened between the two of them is true or not, this goes for any female in any given sexual situation.

It’s interesting to me that the internet is focusing so much on the “type of woman” that Corinne is, and not so much the “type of man Demario is”. Whether or not he was also drunk, and whether or not she had initially consented, is not what the point of this blog is.

“She was asking for something like that to happen”.

What woman would ask for something like that to happen to her?

Just because a woman is highly promiscuous and sexual does not mean they do not value the idea of love, respect, and true chivalry. Corinne, and women like her, are not the pigs in those situations. Heightened sexuality in a female should never be “punished” by inexcusable actions of a male.

My point is this:

Promiscuity in a woman, no matter how promiscuous they may be, is nothing that makes sexual abuse or rape justifiable, in any situation. Stop making her feel bad for being confident in herself and her sexuality. Stop throwing stones at her for making less than kosher decisions while she was drinking. None of them excuse what happened to her, or what happens to thousands of other “promiscuous girls” every single day.

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