It’s Not Easy to Have a Friend with a Mental Illness

I knew her in high school. We didn’t always run in the same circle of friends, but our high school wasn’t one of the largest. She was perpetually happy, and there was a never a high school function that I didn’t see her at.

Fast forward, 9 years later. She is telling me a story and I cannot believe that this is the same bubbly girl I once saw bouncing down the hallways of my high school. My friend suffers from severe bipolar depression, an illness that creeps up on you as it did my friend.

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Making Plans for Saturday, on a Monday Feat. Bethenny Frankel

We’ve all been here.

Listen, it’s not every time that I regret making weekend plans, in fact it’s hardly ever that this happens. I am extremely extroverted so, honestly, it’s rare that I don’t want to do anything on the weekend. It’s only when I have “one of those weeks” where work has sucked every ounce of energy from my body and I literally have nothing left to give.

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Election 2016: Why I’ve Kept My Mouth Shut (Until Now)

Warning: If you read this blog know that it contains some things that a lot of people are not going to agree with. If you feel you are one of those people just click away. Also note that I am not looking for a political debate. Anyone who chooses to comment on this post in a way that I feel is encouraging a battle will be deleted and blocked. Yes, I know… “freedom of speech” that’s fine I support you, however my social media channels or blog comments section is not your platform. For more than half of you remember I am your friend and just another person, regardless of party, with something that I want to say.

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