Newsflash: You’re the Reason Your Goals Never Become Accomplishments

This is going to sting a little friends…

You don’t deserve to accomplish your goals if you are not doing everything it takes to achieve them.

If you are telling yourself that you want something more than anything else in the world, but you aren’t doing anything to make it happen, then you are lying to yourself.

You don’t want it more than anything else.

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Election 2016: Why I’ve Kept My Mouth Shut (Until Now)

Warning: If you read this blog know that it contains some things that a lot of people are not going to agree with. If you feel you are one of those people just click away. Also note that I am not looking for a political debate. Anyone who chooses to comment on this post in a way that I feel is encouraging a battle will be deleted and blocked. Yes, I know… “freedom of speech” that’s fine I support you, however my social media channels or blog comments section is not your platform. For more than half of you remember I am your friend and just another person, regardless of party, with something that I want to say.

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